CHAPS is a registered charity which aims to raise awareness and support the development of new health services directly targeted at men's needs to enable them to take care of their own health and well being.

Originally founded in 2000 as a local prostate cancer charity - Colchester Has Active Prostate Support - CHAPS now aims to be an advocate for all men's health issues.

Key issues and how to get advice

The causes of premature male deaths are well known: heart disease, smoking, prostate cancer, diabetes to name but a few. Unfortunately men are notoriously slow to react to early warning signs of illness and rarely ever seek medical attention until something has actually gone wrong.

Furthermore men, especially the middle aged, have shown little interest in actively seeking out a healthy lifestyle or the resources available to achieve this. We aim to change this.

This site answers the key questions and describes in alphabetical order the main problems that afflict men leading to illness and premature death.

It also gives contact details for local N.E.Essex and national organisations providing care and advice.

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Our Supporters

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By pledging £100 your company will be making a huge contribution to CHAPS' ability to continue offering free health checks to men at our events and to working directly with companies to keep the workforce fit.

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