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Prostate Cancer Screening


Originally founded in 2000, CHAPS is a registered charity which aims to be an advocate for all Men’s Health in general and for Prostate Cancer in particular.

Prostate Cancer Screening

How We Screen for Prostate Cancer (PCa)
The prostate is a small gland lying under the bladder and encircling the urethra, the tube that carries urine into the penis.  It produces fluid (semen) to nourish sperm in a man’s ejaculate.  Screening is done simply by a blood test called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), a protein produced only by the prostate.  PSA is thus specific to the prostate but to no specific condition.

 One in 8 white British men will develop PCa in their lifetime. For black men the risk increases to 1 in 4.

The NHS Prostate Cancer Risk Programme entitles all men over 50 to have an NHS PSA test from their GP.  One in four men with a persistently raised PSA will have PCa and then require referral to a specialist for further investigation.

One in 8 white British men will develop PCa in their lifetime.  For black men the risk is down to one in 4.
At CHAPS we offer a PSA test for men between the ages of 40 and 80.  International specialist urological panels recommend all men should start prostate cancer screening from age 40, especially men at high risk.  These are:
  • Men in their 40s with an initial PSA ≥1.00ng/ml and men in their 50s with a PSA ≥2ng/ml.
  • Black men or men of mixed race or African or Caribbean descent (1 in 4 lifetime risk).
  • Men with a family history of PCa or breast cancer on the mother’s side.
 Men below the age of 40 do not need screening.

What Happens At A PSA Test Event

We provide a simple PSA blood test. The Charity does not perform any other tests such as a digital rectal examination of the prostate.
PSA is still the best test available to detect PCa at an early, curable stage.  The test measures the level of PSA in the blood.  Some of it will leak into the blood and the amount depends on your age and the health of your prostate.  The amount of PA is measured in nanograms of PSA per millilitre of blood (ng/ml).
Once CHAPS receives your result from the laboratory the result is checked against the normal range for your age and any personal risk factors or prostate medication, then an online report is generated.  The report will provide the exact PSA result and risk assessment and, if normal, be presented as a normal Green result.  If the result is slightly abnormal, it generates an Amber result and PSA should be repeated in 3 months.  If the result is clearly abnormal, a Red result is generated and should be taken to your GP as a specialist referral may be required.
NB:  The Charity does not send results to your GP.


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